2019 Bike To Work Week

Posted on May 29, 2019 at 01:25 AM

It’s that time of the year again! Go down to your storage room, pull your old dusty steed out of there and get ready to bike to work for a whole week and who knows, it might become a habit.

Everyone has heard of the bike to work week in BC, or at the very least have noticed that during the last week of May, more of their coworkers show up wearing a bike helmet. Some do it for the health aspect, some to reduce their carbon footprint, while others simply enjoy taking part in the festivities attached to this upcoming event. Get ready for the Bike To Work Week 2019, May 27th to June 2nd.

2019 Bike To Work Week

The GoByBike BC, formerly known as the BikeToWork Society, is a non-profit organization managed by a board of directors. Their mission is to help organize and facilitate events throughout the province that encourage people to use their bike more and hopefully transition to everyday transportation.

2012 against 2018 Bike To Work Week Statistics

BTWW Participation Statistics

The Bike To Work Week event first took place in Greater Victoria in 1995. Organized by a group of cyclists, they committed to raising awareness in regards to commuter cycling. The turn over then was 500 peeps against 50,300 last year, showing a steady yearly increase. This may be due to the rising population, the increase in community events aimed at sensitizing people to alternate modes of transportation, or simply to the fact that people are starting to care more about their impact on the environment, and personal health.

Prosecco Hills

Prosecco Hills, Vineyard Country Italy

You could also be interested in sign-up to get a chance to win the grand prize trip for two to Prosecco Hills, vineyard country in Italy. Either way, whatever your motivations may be, you should join in and convince your friends and colleagues to tag along. Being physically active makes everyone feel good and is a reward in itself (link to register at the bottom).

2019 Bike To School Week

Bike To School Week, Youngster Proudly Making his Way to School

The student version called Bike To School Week offers all the same exciting perks and is no different in its core concept. Aside from the Bike Reels Student Video Contest, which also offers a chance to win money by putting up a video about your biking endeavour and what it means to you as a proud little cyclist (see details in the link below). You can sign-up your whole school, make classroom teams or register individually, and all are eligible for prize draws including the grand prize trip.

Bike to School Video Reels Contest

  Bike To School Student Video Contest

If the health benefits, the prize draws and earth conscious behaviour isn’t enough for you, then you could simply do it for the fun of getting out of your comfort zone and to break the routine. Biking places exposes you to a different path, showing you a side of your hood you wouldn’t otherwise get to see. You may find a new little coffee place, a new favourite restaurant, or even a sweet hidden park to go sit down in the sun with a book and snack next Friday after work.

And know that everyone that participates is also helping grow visibility to not only the Bike To Work Week event but to the importance and need for the continued development of cycling lanes and bike path throughout all of BC to encourage daily commuter to take their bike and leave their motorized vehicles at home. Obviously, not everyone lives within biking distance to work, or perhaps the roads in your area aren’t designed for safe cycling, proving once more the need to invest in accessibility. But if this is the only thing keeping you from joining in, click the first link below and find out how you can participate. 



2019 Bike To Work Week Comor Tent

Comor Sports Tent 2019 Bike To Work Week Support

As per usual, our folks from Comor Sports pitched in with a couple of skilled bike mechanics located on Ontario and 5th on Monday from 4 to 6pm. There was a great turnout with many avid as well as casual cyclists coming out to get their tires pumped and brakes adjusted. If you didn't get the chance to drop by worry not, just bike by our Kitsilano location on your next trip to the beach and stop for a chat or bike maintenance tips. On the same note, if it was your first time taking part in the Bike To Work/School Week and you enjoyed the experience, keep it going you never know, it might become a passion!




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