​All New Specialized Stumpjumper 2019​ - The Ultimate Trail Bike

Posted on May 02, 2018 at 08:40 PM

All New Specialized Stumpjumper 2019

The Ultimate Trail Bike

Specialized is back with another groundbreaking installment of their trail-mashing Stumpjumper. This year's model is being referred to by those at specialized as the ultimate trail riding bike. Specialized, the company who has been at the forefront of trail riding since the 70's, claims that this is the most versatile trail bike they've ever made. That says a lot. Those involved in the creation of this dirt shredding machine described the riding experience as feeling like you're "riding on rails", while one man even said "it feels like you're IN the bike". Some other terms that have been thrown around to describe this bike are stiffness, versatility, and adjust-ability. So, let's break down some of the upgrades that make this bike so damn special.

One of the major things that Specialized put an emphasis on when designing this year's Stumpjumper was the stiffness. They admitted that when things got hairy, last years Stumpjumper didn't cope as well as many would've liked. To counter their short-comings, Specialized went to work in the field and the lab. The result is a fine-tuned front end stiffness that connects the riders hands and feet like never before.

To make this possible, Specialized designed an all-new sidearm frame that lightens and stiffens the frame, adding to the already highly efficient structure. The new sidearm design directly connects 3 mounting points and limits frame flex when rear suspension is active.

Specialized realizes that frame kinematics and suspension are inherently coupled. That's why Specialized has it's Frame Design Team work with it's suspension team from day 1 through completion. This year's final product relies more on frame kinematics and less on shock damper, which equals supple small bump reaction, a firm mid-stroke and exceptional bottom out support. Versatility, baby.

Did we mention the adjust-ability and customization options? Whatever, let's get into it. The Specialized Suspension Team adjusts shim stacks for compression and rebound, as well as air volume ratios for every shock. This makes for a ride with sweet spot-like suspension and an ideal range of adjust-ability so the rider can fin-tune as desired. 

All Stumpjumper configurations use standard stroke and eye to eye metric shocks for swap-ability and are compatible with high volume tires. The Flip chip means you can easily change frame geometry between two settings, high and low. This will adjust bottom bracket height by 6 mm and the head tube angle by .5 deg.

Are you looking to getting rowdier than ever on your favorite trails this summer? Shop Stumpjumper 2019 here.

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