Home Gym Ideas

Posted on April 08, 2020 at 07:59 PM

Home Gym Ideas

- with Jesus

Creating a workout space at home with any basic equipment you have access to, or by repurposing simple household items can be a great way to stay fit, active and most importantly motivated whilst self-isolating.

Comor North Shore Assistant Manager, Jesus, showed us a quick home gym set-up he made using equipment from home. 

Here's to staying indoors, staying safe and staying fit at home!

Looking for more inspiration?

The grind doesn’t have to stop because we’re quarantined! 

Here are six basic household items you can use to create your own workout space at home. 

Always remember to be careful when working out, wear the appropriate gear, and train safely!

1. Water Jug/ Milk Jug

Re-fill an empty water or milk gallon jug wither water or sand and use these as a substitute for dumbbell weights.

2. Large Sport Ball

For a lighter-weight medicine ball, pretty much any large sport ball you have on hand will fit the bill, including a volleyball, soccer ball, or basketball. 

 Jug of Laundry Detergent

In cases where you need a bit more weight, a hefty jug of laundry detergent can save the day.

If you want to work your lower body, all you need is an ottoman. Use it to balance yourself during leg raises, or laying down and giving yourself some elevation for hop thrusts.

Bags of Rice or Pet Food

A bag of rice of pet food adds a little bit of extra weight to help you train your lower body. This can come in handy when doing exercises such as lunges and seated calf raises.

6. A Filled Backpack (Weighted Vest)

A weighted vest adds a little extra weight to your body, which can get your heart rate up quicker, better engage your muscles, make you work harder, and generally maximize your workout.

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