How To Apply Wax To A Snowboard

Posted on March 24, 2021 at 09:00 PM

Ever wondered how to "wax" a snowboard? 

Whistler local and Comor legend Andreas Schubert (@schubert_art) goes through the basics of how to apply, and remove, wax from a snowboard. Filmed in Whistler BC, at Comor Sports! Come on down to get your own waxing kit! Filmed by @donderlab.

There's 4 basic things you'll need to wax a snowboard: 

A Waxing Iron- make sure you don't just use any iron, its got to be a flat surfaced iron with no holes in it. You want something that has a gauge, so that you don't over heat the wax.

Next you'll need the physical wax. Andreas uses a Dakine All Temp wax, cause it works in the greatest amount of different conditions. The wax comes in a solid block, and needs to be converted to liquid via the heat of the iron.

Next is the scraper. Once the wax has been melted on, rubbed in, and dried on to the board, you must then proceed to scrape it off! I like the triangle scraper because it has 3 sides to use, instead of just two, like on a conventional scraper.

Finally, you'll want a nylon brush to buff out the base, and give it a little bit of structure. Structure is like a texture that you leave in the board by brushing it vertically, thus helping the snow/water to pass under your board with less friction.

Beaver Wax:


Dakine 10" Scraper

Dakine Triangle Scraper:

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