Jones Limited Edition Snowboards 2022

Posted on March 30, 2021 at 08:36 PM

Jones Limited Edition Snowboards 2022 - Review

Whistler local and Comor legend Andreas Schubert (@schubert_art) reviews the new Jones Limited Edition Snowboards 2022. Filmed in Whistler BC, at Comor Sports! Filmed by @donderlab.

The Aviator 2.0 has been redesigned by Victor De La Rue and Jimmy Goodman. It utilizes a unique aerospace industry technology called "Koroyd" in the tip of the board for lightweight efficiency and increased dampening. By eliminating portions of the core in the nose of the board, you reduce swing weight, making it great for rotations. Koroyd is designed to be lightweight, but also to be very damp. This means it has the ability to reduce vibrational chatter. There's pure camber in this board- for the traditionalist at heart.

The Mind Expander Twin is definitely one of my favorite top sheet graphics in existence. A twin version of the Mind Expander had long been requested, and now Jones has finally answered the call. Perfect for taking jumps and rotations into the deep snow, and pillow lines. Its paddle-like tip and tail make for incredible butter-ability and give it incredible float. The 3D contouring at both ends also offers a non-catchy, super surfy, agile feel to the board.

The Storm Wolf is a unique hybridization of the Storm Chaser and The Lone Wolf. It's firm, powerful, and hard-charging. A longer turning radius ensures stability for long, drawn-out, high-speed carves- while the mini swallow tail creates an incredibly agile, and fast turning package. That 3D spoon nose, also really helps the board to initiate turns.

Since the Stratos has debuted, it has been super popular. It's a great daily driver for a mountain like Whistler, and it's awesome for carving and powder. Its lightweight, snappy and playful, and utilizes a tonne of high-end construction tech. Now it's available in smaller sizes (146 149 152), making its reach, hit an even bigger sweet spot. I also really like how they show off the carbon streamers underneath the top sheet.

Jones are of the highest quality build, and they construct some of the most durable boards. Its awesome that they're adding these boards to their line up , and I'm very stoked to be able to show them off. 

This whole video was filmed and edited by​

Shot on location at Comor Sports Whistler!

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