NorthShore Fiver Series

Posted on May 29, 2019 at 07:44 PM

North Shore Fiver Series


Do you like mountain biking? Do you like having fun? And most of all, do you like meeting new people and hanging out in the mountainside forest?  If so, you should check out the NorthShore FIVER Series.

North shore Fiver Series 2019

NSMBA NorthShore Fiver Series

Who’s behind this and what is it about?       

This is the updated version of their awesome Toonie Series, a bi-weekly community event hosted by the NSMBA (North Shore Mountain Bike Association). If you are not familiar with the NSMBA, please check them out (link below). They are a volunteer-based non-profit organization founded with the mission to maintain, develop, and enhance the accessibility of the North Vancouver trail network, as well as to remain involved in the community development in many different ways. Some of which being: to keep a fluid dialogue with land managers and attending town hall meetings to ensure a good relationship with decision makers. So, props for that!    

NorthShore Fiver Series registrations and course preview

NSMBA Fiver Series #3, Registrations Parkgate Park, North Vancouver and Course Details   

Every event is sponsored by a different industry leader who provides loads of goodies including but not limited to: apres music, great atmosphere, free drinks, and food! Last week was race #3, it took place at Mount Seymour Provincial Park and was presented by Giant Bicycle.

NorthShore Fiver Series Registration lineup and people chatting

NSMBA FIVER Series #3, Riders and Friends Lining up to the Sign-up Tent

In order to take part in the event, you must get your NSMBA membership, sign your waiver, and pay the five dollar entry fee on site. Note that since it is such a fun and popular event, and that they cap out at 200 participants, it is rather wise to show up a little early. On top of making sure you get a spot, it gives you time to chat, get to know the volunteers, as well as run into old friends and meet new ones.

Apres party at Giant Bicycle North Vancouver office

Après, Giant Bicycle Canada Office, North Vancouver

Why is it so much fun and why should you care to get involved?

I understand that not everyone wants to race and that most of you may prefer the quiet solo ride, but do yourself a favour and drop by at least once this season, even if it’s just to check out the action and see what it’s about. You may think that because it is a community event, you would not experience the same level of freedom as you would biking on your own terms, maybe so, but it‘s a small trade-off to have a blast once every two weeks. And since it is a mixed category format, you can take off when you’re ready and let as many people go ahead of you as you want if you care for more wiggle room.

Stage #2 drop-in lineup

FIVER Series #3, Stage 2 Lineup Before Drop-in


Again, even though we don’t all have kids, it is a perfect opportunity to bring them along to experience the rush and community atmosphere that these events offer, all while enjoying yourself doing something you love! And don’t forget that your money is going directly towards trail building, so you are basically doing yourself a favour and hitting two birds with one stone (but don’t throw stones at birds), since you get to attend a fun event for the price of a latté, while also investing in the development of a sport that makes you happy.

What do you say? No offspring, you’ve got enough friends and you don’t like the crowds. Fair enough, but remember that trails don’t build themselves. They require man/woman power, time, planning, tool, permits, and money. You might be one of those troopers that build their own unsanctioned loamy trails, but trail maintenance and restoration, as well as remaining in the land managers’ and stakeholders’ good books is hard work and important in order to secure access to the terrain and keep the North Shore mountain bike scene thriving. For that reason, the impact of getting your NSMBA membership is worthwhile. Even if you don’t plan to attend any of the events, at least you can pride yourself on knowing that you are encouraging this valuable organization in its mission to keep mountain biking fun and accessible for everyone. 

Pro-racer Spectacular!

It was my first personal experience racing and although my rear wheel exploded on the first hundred meters of stage 1, the atmosphere alone was worth showing up for. It was a very inclusive event with all categories blended in: adult open (men and women 18+), youth, and hardtails. Everyone was super friendly, making it easy not to think about the race and instead focus on cheering riders dropping in. I’ve never been much of an event guy, given that I seem to perform better when no one’s watching, but in this case, the fun factor was the highlight of the day and made it feel more like a jam session. I will for sure be back and hope to see you there.

Before I wrap it up, I would like to give a shout out to all the volunteers without whom NSMBA wouldn’t be much more than a great vision. Those hard-working guys and gals who organize, set things up, take registration, stand still scanning, directing people, and doing it all with a smile on. Thank you Giant Bicycle for a great après, tasty treats, prizes, and everything else you pitched in for this 2019 Fiver #3. Please check out the links below for upcoming event details and come encourage the riders! The next two are at Fromme on the 6th and 20th of June and then back to Seymour on the 4th of July with the folks from Comor sports. Also, have a look at the NSMBA 101 document listed below if you haven’t yet, it’s a good read and very informative.

Do you want to help even more? Email Brian at and find out how you could be of service, or at if you have any other questions.

Check out for course details released on Tuesday before the race so you can start scoping your favourite lines. See you all on June 6th!

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