Numinous World Premier Vancouver

Posted on September 19, 2017 at 08:58 PM

Numinous World Premier Vancouver at the Imperial Theater - September, 22nd

Numinous, by Dendrite Studios and Kye Peterson, is one of the most highly anticipated ski films of the year. The world premier of the film is set to take place at the Imperial Theater in Vancouver on September 22nd.

Kye, a native of Whistler, BC, has been a force in big mountain skiing since he was a teenager. Now 27, Kye is one of the most electrifying freeskiers on the planet. His aggressive yet stylish approach to big mountain riding is something very few can match. It's not just his world class level of skiing that sets him apart, though. Kye has a heightened connection with the landscape with which he so often interacts. This is profoundly apparent through his commitment to environmental causes and preservation of the sport of skiing.

Local outfit Dendrite Studios specializes in action sports and adventure cinematography and storytelling, making them the perfect collaborators for Kye's vision. Shot entirely in BC, Numinous is an ode to the region in which Kye is so deeply rooted. Numinous is defined by "having a strong religious or spiritual quality; indicating or suggesting the presence of a divinity," and is a reflection of the powerful relationship that Kye shares with his natural surroundings. The film will also feature a group of freeskiing's masterclass in Matty Richard, Logan Pehota, Pep Fujas, Ryland Bell, Tatum Monod, Chris Rubens, Callum Pettit, Dane Tudor, and Wiley Miller.

Once again, the Numinous Vancouver World Premier will take place at the Imperial Theater on September 22nd.

Check out the trailer below to see why we're so stoked for this film:

The full film will be released on Vimeo-On-Demand October 9th, 2017.

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