Posted on March 17, 2017 at 01:02 AM

During the last week of February, Oakley hosted a week of fun and educational events at Whistler Blackcomb.  On Sunday, February 26th, 2017, we took part in the Introductory Avalanche Clinic.  This clinic showcased the fundamentals to stay safe and survive in the backcountry.  While not to be mistaken for an official Avalanche Skills Training course, this event was the perfect opportunity for newbies to get to know a little bit about the backcountry.

Not only was this event free, but backcountry gear was provided: Beacon, Probe, and Shovel.  After meeting our guides from Mountain Skills Academy & Adventures in the Village, we loaded up our gear and headed up to Whistler’s Flute Bowl.  We discussed everything from what gear to bring, to what to expect (and not expect) from various snow conditions.

Whistler Flute Bowl

The bulk of the clinic was dedicated to getting real practice with our backcountry tools.  We were able to practice with each tool and then put all tools to use in a few scenarios.  Track, Probe, Shovel.  Practice, practice, practice.  Even though there’s tools out there to help, our guides made sure to emphasize the importance of using a mix of common sense, knowledge, and skills.  Assess the scenario.  If you’re unsure, turn back or avoid.  Always a better choice than getting stuck in an avalanche.

Probe Practice

Shoveling Practice

Look out for next year’s Oakley Week.  It’s full of awesome events, all for free! Check out the coverage from Forecast Ski Magazine!

All in all – this was a great way to start learning about the backcountry and get some practice with the gear!  A big thank you to our guides from Mountain Skis Academy & Adventures and Oakley for an amazing event!

If you’d like to learn more about backcountry safety and/or to sign up for an AST course, head over to:


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