Reviewing The Jones Solution Splitboard

Posted on March 30, 2021 at 09:30 PM

Unboxing The Jones Solution Splitboard 2021

Whistler local and Comor legend Andreas Schubert (@schubert_art) unboxes the Jones Solution Splitboard 2021. Filmed in Whistler BC, at Comor Sports! Filmed by @donderlab.

Watch Andreas go into an in-depth explanation of the brand new Jones Solution Splitboard.

It's been redesigned this season, and there's lots of new tech to go over- including brand new 3D contouring, and lockable clips!

The Solution has been one of the best-selling, and most awarded splitboards on the market for over ten years. The new version of the Solution has been in development by Jeremy Jones for the last three years, and its new shape and design represent the pinnacle of technology and innovation in the splitboard industry.

Follow along as Andreas goes over the various technologies, and explains how these features translate into rideability and feel when on the snow.

This video originally started as a quick preview of the board, but as Andreas got more and more into explaining the tech- it quickly evolved into a full-fledged product knowledge seminar.

Check out the Jones Solution Splitboard:

Check out the Women's Jones Solution Splitboard:

This whole video was filmed and edited by​​

Shot on location at Comor Sports Whistler!

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