Women’s Bib Shorts – Staff Picks/Review

Posted on May 31, 2017 at 01:30 AM

Pearl Izumi Women’s P.R.O. Escape Bib Short Review

By Annie Martin

When shopping for a new pair of cycling shorts it’s easy to pass up the mighty bib just based on the ridiculous factor. Imagining yourself in public sporting a skin tight padded one-piece can be nightmare inducing for some. I get it. I was in this position not too long ago – searching for my next pair of chamois shorts I kept passing on the idea of committing to a bib, even though every fellow cyclist I knew (even mountain bikers) were singing its praises. What finally convinced me was the sleek and smart design of the Pearl Izumi Women’s P.R.O. Escape Bib Short.

Bib Short
Comor E-Commerce Staff Member Annie Martin Wearing the Pearl Izumi Women’s P.R.O. Escape Bib Short

This is not your average bib. Not only does it feature the industry leading technical features that I have come to expect from Pearl Izumi, like their Women’s P.R.O. Escape 1:1 Chamois that will change your life, it takes it one step further with their unique bra-style drop-tail closure. This drop-tail makes it so you don’t have to strip down to your base layer when you have to take a bathroom break, whether it’s a scheduled stop or an emergency squat. An update on the 2017 version of these shorts (which I’m very jealous of, being an owner of the 2016 model), are the laser-cut seamless straps that work to alleviate any discomfort or pressure felt on the shoulders and neck. These straps alone are dreamy enough to have me seriously consider an upgrade to the new model.

Adjustable Straps That Make For Ultimate Comfort

One of the other distinct features of this bib is the P.R.O. Transfer fabric. The feel of this fabric sits perfectly between a true compression fit and like you’re wearing nothing at all. It’s designed to disperse moisture over a larger surface area to help with evaporation, which ultimately makes even the sweatiest ride comfortably dry. You will have confidence this short can hold up to every ride you take, and also be glad with how lightweight it is on those scorching summer climbs.

Whether you are a true believer in the bib, or are still trying to get over the professional wrestler look, the Pearl Izumi Women’s P.R.O. Escape Bib Short is my pick for Best Bib.

If you’re still not sure on what Bib to choose, or are new to cycling shorts all together, come visit us at 4th and Burrard st in Kitsilano and we will help you make the next step towards a more comfortable ride!

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