Specialized The Cup Saddle

Specialized The Cup Saddle

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Product Details

Perfect for your cruiser or urban commuter, The Cup is an extra-wide, supportive saddle that cradles your sit bones while you ride to provide comfort mile after mile. Couple that with super-supple honeycomb gel padding, and you get a Body Geometry saddle that’s ready to help you lift your fitness game, stay active, or take the scenic route on ‘round town errands. Features:

  • Body Geometry V-groove design improves comfort and increases blood flow in critical areas.

  • Extra-wide, ergonomic design for upright, relaxed comfort.

  • Honeycomb gel padding to cradle your sitbones

  • Elastomer rail suspension for instant, plush comfort

  • Tough, lightweight, water-resistant Micromatrix™ cover.

  • SWAT™ compatible mounts allow for sleek and integrated storage solutions.

  • Level 6 padding: Ideal for commuting and casual riding

Specialized The Cup Saddle

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