SP Connect Multi Activity Bundle - iPhone 8+/7+/6S+/6+

SP Connect Multi Activity Bundle - iPhone 8+/7+/6S+/6+

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Product Details

The SP Connect™ MULTI ACTIVITY BUNDLE offers the most comprehensive solutions to mount a smartphone.

The slim and functional PHONE CASE (or UNIVERSAL INTERFACE) protects your smartphone at all times and lets you securely mount your smartphone to bicycles, cars, motorcycles, a running arm band, golf trolleys, etc. by its patented twist to lock mechanism.

With the included RUNNING BAND, UNIVERSAL MOUNT and VENT MOUNT you can keep your phone close at hand and use your apps, navigation, access your playlists or read messages while running, biking, driving, golfing and during other activities.

The WEATHER COVER (not included in Universal) adds protection against rain, mud and dust.

  • Fits: iPhone 8+, 7+, 6S+ and 6+

  • Phone Case
    - Slim, protective, functional
    - Use of all ports and buttons
    - 3-layer case construction for ultimate safeguarding

  • Vent Mount
    - Quick snap-on phone attachment
    - Easy mounting and removal

  • Running Bands
    - Comfortable, elastic neoprene material
    - Reflective safety print
    - Hidden key/money pocket & cable loop
    - Lightweight and adjustable 22-36cm, (8.7 – 14.2 inches)

  • Weather Cover (not included in Universal)
    - Protects against rain, sweat, dust or mud
    - Adds shock resistance to your phone

  • Universal Mount
    - Toolless fastening & adjusting
    - 360° rotation/45° increments
    - For diameters from 20-35mm (0.8 -1.4 inches)

SP Connect Multi Activity Bundle - iPhone 8+/7+/6S+/6+

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