Anon M2 Replacement Lens

Anon M2 Replacement Lens

$99.99 - $134.99
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Product Details

Anon Optics offers an extensive selection of spare goggle lenses in various tints for adapting the men’s Anon M2 Goggle to any weather condition. SONAR by ZEISS technology in this lens means ultimate contrast and clarity, giving you the best possible definition and terrain recognition so you can see more accurately on snow. All Anon lenses feature Integral Clarity Technology anti-fog treatment for crystal clear vision in any condition.

Lens Tint Guide

  • Clear
    85% VLT - Cloudy/Low Light - The ideal lens for night riding.

  • Sonar Green
    23% VLT - Sunny/Bright Light - The most versatile SONAR lens. Perfect for partly cloudy days when the shadows are constantly changing light.

  • Sonar Infrared
    57% VLT - Cloudy/Low Light - Best for gray bird days or when it is snowing a lot! Provides crisp and clear snow definition in flat light.

  • Sonar Infrared Blue
    39% VLT - Partly Cloudy/Medium Light - Ideal for grey mornings and then bright afternoons. Provides clarity when it's overcast, without washing out the terrain when the sun pops out.

  • Sonar Night - Cloudy/Low Light
    77% VLT - Low-light base lens with a red mirror to flush out depth perception under night pipe lights and fine-tune contrast enhancement.

Anon M2 Replacement Lens

  • Season:Carry Over
  • Gender:Mens
  • Gender:Womens
  • Colour:Green
  • Colour:Blue
  • Colour:Red