Atomic Backland 95 Skins

Atomic Backland 95 Skins

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Details: Atomic 2016 Backland 95 Skins - 164cm

These are high quality PreFit skins for each ski in Atomic's Backland 95 series. They’re made from 100% Mohair for a really strong grip as you climb. And because each is custom made for an individual ski, there’s no fitting or trimming required.


  • Easy handling
  • Rocker Skins
  • Easier Trim & Fit: The new Trim & Fit system makes trimming the MultiFit and StraightFit skins to the right shape super quick and easy, with features like cut lines for different ski lengths.

We have the Atomic 2016 Backland 95 Skins - 164cm in stock with Free Shipping in Canada.

We are proud to be an Official Partner with Atomic in Canada.

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Atomic Backland 95 Skins

  • Colour:Black
  • Gender:Mens
  • Gender:Womens
  • Season:Winter 2016
  • Accessory Type:Ski Skins
  • Accessory Set:Backcountry