K2 Mindbender 110 Alliance Womens Boot 2020

K2 Mindbender 110 Alliance Womens Boot 2020

Product Details

Top performance and durability for those that push their freeriding outside the resort and into a new mindset. Lightweight without sacrificing critical bootfitter-friendly features, this is your next favorite pair.

  • Powerlite Shell:
    The POWERLITE shell is purpose-built to result in the best skiing, most durable and lightest weight boots ever produced. Made with four stiffnesses of TPU and optimized wall thickness profiling the POWERLITE Shell achieves a paradoxical balance of lightweight agility and power.

  • Powerlock Spyne:
    Rugged, precise and intuitive. The Powerlock Spyne walk mechanism allows for 50 degree range of motion when hiking and an unforgiving, powerful connection while skiing. The mechanism can also be adjusted to customize the forward lean of the boot between 10-17°.

  • Fast Fit Entry:
    Softer TPU designed into the instep area of Powerlite shell for quick and easy entry and exit.

  • Integrated Tech Fittings:
    Fully integrated into the shell injection, instead of just the outsole pods, makes K2 ouutsoles compatible with both DIN-alpine and Tech bindings

  • Grip Walk Outsoles:
    Removable and interchangable ISO 9523 alpine rockered soles collaboratively designed to work with Marker's Grip Walk binding system for better grip and added comfort when walking and standing in boots, but doesn't compromise the power transmission and release function between the boot and binding when skiing. Preinstalled.

  • Friction Free Cuff Pivot:
    Low friction cuff pivot to ease range of motion.

  • Forward Lean Adjustment

  • Fully Heat Moldable

  • FLEX
    Stiff Flex

K2 Mindbender 110 Alliance Womens Boot 2020

  • Season:Winter 2020
  • Gender:Womens
  • Flex:Stiff