Rossignol Alltrack 80 Jr. Boot 2022

Rossignol Alltrack 80 Jr. Boot 2022

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Product Details

Back bowl powder laps or beyond the gates, the Alltrack Jr 80 is designed for young skiers looking to explore the whole mountain. The releasable cuff offers a natural range of motion for hiking, while the Generative Design Grid shell is engineered for reduced weight and full power transmission to handle all conditions. The 100mm last and custom liner offer a comfortable fit for exploring the whole mountain.


  • Flex Index:

  • Last:

  • Cuff Material:

  • Specifications: Hike Mode
    The new OPTIMIZED HIKE MODE includes a wider opening in the back of the lower shell, and a lower axis-of-rotation for optimized range-of-motion and uphill mobility (50° ROM). The articulating lower shell insert and metal-on-metal locking mechanism increase rearward support while supplying maximum power transmission on descents.


  • Buckles Material:
    100% Aluminum

  • Buckles Adjustments:
    4 Micro

  • Additional Functions:
    Adjustable Teeth 3 Positions


  • Technology: Generative Design Grid
    A progressive new data-driven design approach that harnesses the power of generative design software to create the ideal boot shape. Focused on minimizing shell wall thickness for reduced weight while simultaneously enhancing power and support, Rossignol's new GENERATIVE DESIGN GRID shell offers the most effective blend of both.

  • Material:

  • Bootboard:

  • Specifications: Dual Core
    Rossignol's new "power injection" method allows the simultaneous injection of two different durometers of plastic at the exact same time. This unique mono-injection process allows targeted power transmission and shell wrapping; and creates the DUAL CORE sandwich construction throughout the shell, resulting in livelier rebound, response, and total control through the turn.


  • Liner Technology: Custom T4
    CUSTOM OPTISENSOR T3 LINERS feature mono-material padding (POLYETHYLENE) for enhanced comfort. Customization applies only in the comfort zones, the support zones remain unchanged.

  • Tongue:
    Power Wrap-One-Piece Toe Box

  • Powerstrap width (mm):


  • Properties:
    Gripwalk Compatible

Rossignol Alltrack 80 Jr. Boot 2022

  • Gender:Boys
  • Gender:Girls
  • Season:Winter 2022
  • Colour:Green