Rossignol Pure Pro 90 2020 Womens

Rossignol Pure Pro 90 2020 Womens

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Product Details

The right fit. The right flex. The Pure Pro 90 delivers award-winning power and precision in a customizable, boot-fitter friendly design. The Sensor Blade shell has an engineered design that reduces weight and drives energy directly into the ski. The women's-specific 100mm last provides a balance of comfort and control, while an adjustable flex lets you dial in the performance to match your needs. The liners feature merino wool insulation and are customizable for superior comfort and warmth.


  • Dedicated Women's Cuff:
    The height of the cuff is significantly lower than for a unisex cuff. The tulip-shaped rear section easily accommodates a woman's natural calf shape. It is less structured to take better into account the female skiers' physiology.

  • Flex Index:

  • Last:
    Rossignol's women-specific 100mm "medium" last, SLIM FIT is perfect for proficient women skiers seeking a strong balance of comfort and support.

  • Cuff Material:

  • Specifications:
    Flex Adjustment


  • Buckles Technology:
    Diagonal Buckles

  • Buckles Material:
    100% Aluminum

  • Buckles Adjustments:
    4 Micro

  • Additional Functions:
    Adjustable Teeth 3 Positions


  • Technology: Sensor Blade
    FLEX ADJUSTMENT allows a larger flex range for customized power, performance, and comfort via a simple rear spine screw adjustment.

  • Material:

  • Bootboard:

  • Specifications:
    Women Specifics


  • Liner Technology:
    Custom T2

  • Thermal Insulation: Forefoot Merinos Wool
    Natural merino fibers help to regulate body temperature, providing warmth when it is cold and coolness when it is hot. They also eliminate bad odors and provide softness and comfort.

  • Tongue:
    Power Wrap-One-Piece Toe Box

  • Powerstrap width (mm):


  • Properties:
    Gripwalk Compatible

  • Additional Functions:

Rossignol Pure Pro 90 2020 Womens

  • Gender:Womens
  • Season:Winter 2020
  • Colour:White
  • Sale:Sale