Salomon Team T2 Boot 2022 Junior

Salomon Team T2 Boot 2022 Junior

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Product Details

Team T2 combines a thin shell and 2 buckle design for convenience with Oversized Pivot for easy turns.

  • Adapted to kids: Thinner shell, Junior Oversize Pivot and modern foot positioning deliver the optimum comfort and skiing performance for kids.

  • Convenience: A thin shell design allows easy step-in, so that kids can put their boots on by themselves.

  • Design: Designed to match Salomon Junior ski graphics perfectly.

  • Weight (g): 900

  • My Thermic fit jr with loop on tongue: The Thermic Fit Junior liner allows good comfort and warmth with pre-formed zones which protect the tibia and the forefoot. Thanks to its construction, materials, and additional loop on the tongue, it's now easier than ever for kids to slip into it and to carry it.

  • Alpine premounted ISO 5355: Alpine pads are premounted and inter-compatible with alpine bindings ISO 9462.

  • Riveted oversized pivot: The Riveted Oversized Pivot ensures perfect power transmission between cuff and shell.

  • Polyolefin: Softer and handier material to provide lightness and allow progressivity.

  • Polyolefin: More durable material, also providing lightness and stability.

  • 2 riveted vario plastic: Easy to use and light buckles.

Salomon Team T2 Boot 2022 Junior

  • Season:Winter 2022
  • Gender:Boys
  • Flex:Soft