K2 Reckoner 102 Jeremy Dean Ski 2021

K2 Reckoner 102 Jeremy Dean Ski 2021

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Product Details

From deep pow to the park and everywhere in-between, the K2 Reckoner 102 always feels right at home. Packed full of K2’s Spectral Braid, this ski feels rigid and stable torsionally, while maintaining a buttery and pressable feel tip-to-tail. Mix it all up with some Carbon Boost, and you get a ski that has all the pop you need for tackling anything you put in front of it.

Jeremy Dean is a Philadelphia, PA based artist and designer. With inspiration coming from punk, hardcore, and youth culture, Jeremy’s bold use of colors lends itself to creative that feels right at home here at K2.

Follow along with Jeremy - @deansnuts

About the Graphic:For some reason, my oldest sons room gets bees and wasps in it. They seem to love his one window and at one point there was a huge wasps nest in the top of the window sill. I had to kill all the wasps and it was awful. It’s an old house with old windows so there are some gaps here and there they can get in with. This is like the nightmare distorted version of that.”

  • Spectral Braid: An extension of K2's Torsion Control Design, Spectral Braid is a first of its kind variable angle reinforcement (Patent Pending) that allows for precision tuned torsion and flex by altering the fiber orientation along the length of the ski. Lively, energetic, and remarkably composed; Mindbender skis with K2's Spectral Braid have stability and control in spades while remaining hyper-maneuverable.

  • Carbon Boost Braid: Longitudinal carbon stringers woven into the K2's patented Triaxial Braid for added pop and rebound, found on freeride and factory team skis.

  • Twintech: A durable full sidewall construction providing great edge feel and performance with added top sheet resistant to ski vs. ski impact damage.

  • Fir Core: Energetic, tough, dense wood that absorbs impact.

  • Aspen Core: Lightweight and resilient, great all-around material.




Advanced Skill Level


Terrain Type All Mountain


Rocker Ski Camber

K2 Reckoner 102 Jeremy Dean Ski 2021

  • Season:Winter 2021
  • Gender:Mens
  • Rider Skill:Advanced
  • Terrain Type:All Mountain
  • Camber:Rocker