Ride El Hefe Binding 2020

Ride El Hefe Binding 2020

$314.99 $449.99
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Product Details

Reversible Ankle Strap offers two riding positions. The aluminum Infinity™ Chassis System features stance correct heel cup and Micro-Disc mounting system. Carbon Slimeback™ Highback provides the lightweight support and pop of carbon combined with the smooth ride of urethane. Linkage Ratchets eliminate ratchet wag and improves ladder durability. The El Hefe is designed for high-end all-mountain performance.

  • Chassis:

  • Footbed:
    Wedgie™ 2.5, Wedgie™ 4.0

  • Highback:
    Carbon Slimeback™

  • Basepad:
    Urethane Rollbar™

  • Ankle Strap:
    Reversible Strap

  • Toe Strap:
    ThinGrip™ Max

  • Ratchet:
    Linkage Ratchet

  • Discs:

  • Feel:

    Terrain Type Sorta All Mountain Sorta Powder
  • FLEX
    Stiff Flex

Ride El Hefe Binding 2020

  • Gender:Mens
  • Season:Winter 2020
  • Colour:Black
  • Terrain Type:All Mountain / Powder
  • Flex:Stiff
  • Sale:30% Off