Salomon District by Desiree Snowboard Binding 2021

Salomon District by Desiree Snowboard Binding 2021

$195.99 $279.99
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When choosing a binding to fit her riding style, Des makes no compromise. The District by Des includes art that ties back to her Gypsy, with nods to philosophy and taking inspiration from shape, form, and metaphors. Equipped with ShadowFit, the art unintentionally pairs with the binding technology, forming a better bond with you and your boot. BENEFITS Flex ShadowFit bindings are the only bindings on the market using flexible heelcup for enhanced fit and flex with boot. Energy ShadowFit utilizes a Kevlar Quickwire for maximum support and quick transmission of any movement. Control Special flex pattern and asymmetrical shape for comfort and tweakability. Super easy to set up with a 2-in-1 forward lean and highback rotation system.


  • BASEPLATE: Shadow Fit baseplate

  • ANKLE STRAP: 3D asym supreme ankle strap

  • HIGHBACK: District

  • Composite 30%

  • Adjustable toe ramp

  • Universal Disc

  • IMS

  • Kevlar Quickwire

  • Power hook

  • Unite disc compatibility

  • SCS+ Full EVA

  • Canted Footbed

  • Locked-up toe strap

  • MicroMax Strap Adjustments

  • MP Ratchet

  • Aluminum Buckle

Salomon District by Desiree Snowboard Binding 2021

  • Season:Winter 2021
  • Gender:Womens
  • Colour:White
  • Flex:Medium
  • Sale:30% Off