Bataleon Feelbetter Snowboard 2021

Bataleon Feelbetter Snowboard 2021

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Product Details

Why feel good, when you can feel better? The FeelBetter is a soft and forgiving board Sizes designed for women who want to progress with confidence. The Freestyle 3BT eliminates the fear of catching your edges, allowing you to focus on the riding at hand. Why feel good, when you can feel better!


  • Camber Type: Mellow Camber

  • Freestyle 3BT: Bataleon's Triple Base Technology offers the steepest upturns at the nose and tail for a smooth ride over rougher terrain and excellent ride through powder as well.
  • Flex: 3/10 (1 = soft, 10 = stiff)

  • Shape: 99% Twin

  • Core: Core Core -  A poplar core which features beech inlay for durability and snappy pop.

  • Base: Super Slick X

  • Mounting Pattern: 2x4 Inserts



Intermediate Skill Level


Terrain Type All Mountain


Medium Flex


Camber Board

Bataleon Feelbetter Snowboard 2021

  • Season:Winter 2021
  • Gender:Womens
  • Rider Skill:Intermediate
  • Terrain Type:All Mountain
  • Flex:Medium
  • Camber:Camber