Nitro Doppleganger Skins 2021

By Nitro

Pre-cut to the exact specifications of your shiny new Doppleganger split, the Nitro Doppleganger Splitboard Skins are ready to rumble for your next backcountry session. They're made of a nylon and mohair blend for the ideal balance of grip and glide, with metal speedhook attachments on both tip and tail for lightning-fast transitions. No fiddling, no fuss, no worries.

  • 65% Mohair / 35% Nylon - A mix of Mohair and Nylon fibers make these skins glide effortlessly while generating maximum grip.

  • Metal Speedhooks - Metal Speedhooks on both ends match mounting holes in the boards tip and tail for quick and easy setup. .

  • 100% Waterproof.

  • Easy Release Smart Glue.

  • Fiber Seal Technology.

  • Solvent Free.

  • Laser Cut to Fit Nitro Doppleganger Splitboards.