K2 Anthem 100 LV Womens Boot 2020

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By K2
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Designed to be the most versatile, lightweight performance women's alpine boot. Women's specific adjustable cuff allows for the perfect fit regardless of leg length or calf shape.

  • Powerlite Shell:
    The POWERLITE shell is purpose-built to result in the best skiing, most durable and lightest weight boots ever produced. Made with four stiffnesses of TPU and optimized wall thickness profiling the POWERLITE Shell achieves a paradoxical balance of lightweight agility and power.

  • Powerfuse Spyne:
    A rear co-injected "Y" shaped support that adds strength and power to the Energy Interlock in order to maximize fore/aft efficiency and lateral stiffness for responsiveness in every type of terrain.

  • Energy Interlock:
    A rivet-free technology that integrates the cuff and shell, putting less stress on the boot's material and produces a smoother, progressive flex.

  • Fast Fit Entry:
    Softer TPU designed into the instep area of Powerlite shells for quick and easy entry and exit.

  • Dual Cuff Alignment Index:
    Dual sided cuff alignment for +/- 2 degrees of cuff adjustment.

  • Grip Walk Outsoles:
    Removable and interchangable ISO 9523 alpine rockered soles collaboratively designed to work with Marker's Grip Walk binding system for better grip and added comfort when walking and standing in boots, but doesn't compromise the power transmission and release function between the boot and binding when skiing. Preinstalled.

  • Replaceable Outsoles:
    Dual-injected soft and hard Thermo Plastic Urethane (TPU) for secure footing and increased life of the boots.

  • Cantable Outsoles:
    Advanced level of adjustability to customize stance angles.

  • Navicular Punch:
    A strategic bump built into the boot mold to alleviate pressure commonly experienced during ankle flexion.

  • Asymmetrical Toebox:
    Fits the natural curvature of your toes for added comfort and to ensure a proper fit.

  • Power Wedge:
    A removable spoiler for adjustable forward lean angle from 12 to 14 degrees.