Rossignol Alltrack Pro 100 2021

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The new ALLTRACK PRO 100 delivers an award-winning fusion of power, precision, and hiking performance in Rossignol's anatomic 100mm "medium fit". Compatible with GripWalk rockered soles, Alltrack offers ski-hike versatility combined with traditional alpine performance that continues to go unmatched. Sensor Grid shell technology and OptiSensor 3D Thinsulate™ Platinum liners deliver optimized foot wrapping, comfort, warmth, and support.


  • Flex Index:

  • Last:

  • Cuff Material:

  • Specifications: Hike Mode
    The new OPTIMIZED HIKE MODE includes a wider opening in the back of the lower shell, and a lower axis-of-rotation for optimized range-of-motion and uphill mobility (50° ROM). The articulating lower shell insert and metal-on-metal locking mechanism increase rearward support while supplying maximum power transmission on descents.


  • Buckles Technology:
    Diagonal Buckles

  • Buckles Material:
    100% Aluminum

  • Buckles Adjustments:
    4 Micro

  • Additional Functions:
    Adjustable Teeth 3 Positions


  • Technology: Sensor Grid
    A CLEARLY VISIBLE GRID BUILT INTO THE SHELL BOTH INSIDE AND OUTSIDE 1. Enhances the shell while reinforcing its torsional and flexural rigidity. The result is a shell that weights 10% less than an equivalent traditional boot for ultimate ski performance. 2. Improves foot wrap thanks to the diagonally structured frame, enabling more precise steering.

  • Material:

  • Bootboard:


  • Liner Technology: Thermo Optisensor 3D T3
    CUSTOM OPTISENSOR T3 LINERS feature mono-material padding (POLYETHYLENE) for enhanced comfort. Customization applies only in the comfort zones, the support zones remain unchanged.

  • Thermal Insulation:
    Forefoot Thinsulation® Platinum

  • Tongue:
    Power Wrap-One-Piece Toe Box

  • Powerstrap width (mm):
    Tech 50mm

  • Additional Functions: