G3 Minimist Universal 145mm 2021

By G3
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The MINIMIST skins achieve an ultralight feel by using high performance textiles from other demanding sports applications as a backbone. This results in climbing skins that exceed the highest expectations for features and performance. Every MINIMIST skin is up to 30% lighter than anything else in its performance class. G3's connection system allows you to extend the length of the skin attachment by 16mm, to allow the skin to be used on different length skis. G3's skins are designed to leave some of the ski base at the tail visible, as this improves the glide whilst reducing the weight, the grip comes primarily from he mid of the ski so grip isn't compromised through this construction. The MINIMIST skins pack small enough to fit into your jacket pocket. The low-bulk materials matched with the minimalist tip and tail system create a tightly packed roll that doesn’t require any extra room in your pack. This skin is ideal for users who are going to be doing a variety of tour types all with one skin. Its strong levels of both grip and glide make it ideal for both flatter terrain and steep ascents and can handle a variety of snow conditions. The high levels of durability allow this skin to handle tour after tour without wearing down, making the G3 Alpinist Universal a very versatile and great value skin! New for the 2020/2021 season the majority G3 skins are now PFC (Perflourocarbon) and PFOA free. The new solution used to keep the skins entirely waterproof embeds itself into the fibers and wraps around every thread in the plush, whilst also being better for the environment and better long term durability.

  • 100% Mohair- The lightest, fastest and the most packable high-performance skin available that doesn’t sacrifice usability. .

  • Trim to fit- Can be trimmed to fit any ski under 130mm width. .

  • Length Adjustment-16cm of length adjustment.

  • Offset Trim Tool- Comes with a patented double-blade trimming tool, with an ergonomic grip and built in offset.

  • Weight-303g, ideal for skiers wanting to ascend fast and with minimal weight.

  • Low Profile Tip Connector- An innovative, laminated tip connector that ensures a secure connection on any ski shape.