Meet for our weekly road bike ride through various parts of the Lower Mainland. Our cycling group has been spinning wheels since 2012 and we are always looking for new riders. We are an inclusive, friendly, and relaxed ride group. Most of our members are weekend warriors or fondo style riders. Please remember - road bikes are a must & medium to higher tempo rides are preferred.

So come try us out, where no rider is left behind - just your ego!



Please sign the below waiver form to join our Thursday Night Rides!

For the Thursday Rides, the following is essential: a safe road bike, a current helmet, working lights, shoes, and appropriate attire.

The waiver only needs to be filled out once to be able to ride the entire season with us.


The COMOR ROAD CYCLING CLUB was established in 2012, paralleling our company’s new venture into the world of cycling. Our Thursday Night Road Rides were formed in order to help staff and customers learn the intricacies of road cycling. Since then, we’ve provided a weekly recreational ride throughout the lower mainland with hopes of growing the sport. It’s here that Comor that education, fun, and friendship have been following our motto ‘GO PLAY OUTSIDE’ for more than ten seasons.

Our objective is to get you on the best bike that fits your budget, your riding style, and your fashion sensibilities. We do our best to help you, GO PLAY OUTSIDE!

The Cycling Club typically comprises of like-minded road cycling enthusiasts who seek a weekly ride in a social atmosphere, where fitness and cycling etiquette meet. Our rides are a great way to understand group formation and technical details that can help you become a more comprehensive cyclist. Many of our riders started out as Ride to Conquer Cancer participants and have spun their way to great goals and greater distances by competing in Gran Fondos and road races throughout North America.

Feel free to stop by the shop, call us, or contact us for more information.

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